Crawl Before You Ball - Presale


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Covid 19 delay in the shipping of Presale Signed Books.  The book will be listed for sale on Amazon and Ingram Spark in February.  No more direct presales will be made at this time.  

Presale customers will receive their signed books directly from Buffie, LLC. We will email updates as we have them. They will also receive free access to CB4UB digital course value of $149 as a thank you for their patience during these supply chain issues. 

Crawl Before You Ball author Buffie Purselle believes that we must first tackle our financial mental health before embarking on a journey towards financial freedom. Like most behaviors, our behaviors surrounding finances are learned. 

If your parents didn’t have a good relationship with money and struggled with daily economic anxiety, it’s likely that you will also. Our common disconnect from budgeting rarely stems from a lack of mathematical ability, but, instead, from learned behaviors and patterns that go back for generations.

This book deals with the “why? Why do we make financial decisions that wreak havoc in our lives? What is the root? Through personal anecdotes, MrsMD theory, exercises, and real talk, Buffie takes readers on a journey to reprogram their financial thought patterns so they can start living the lives they truly wish to live.”It’s time we break those generational financial curses so future generations can live a life of abundance.

All PreSale Books will be personally signed by Buffie Purselle